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Montreal, August 18, 2014Mentana presents its first album! The Montreal band will launch its EP Western Soil at the fabled Emerging Music Festival in Abitibi-Témiscamingue on August 31 and at the Bleury Bar à Vinyle in Montreal on September 3.

Mentana is launching its first EP, Western Soil, influenced by folk and Americana, after a few creative years, collaborations as varied as they were inspiring, an eastern tour and even forays into movie music (notably Rafaël Ouellet's award-winning Camion and David Dufresne's documentary Fort McMoney; two new songs will appear on the original soundtrack of Ouellet's new film Gurov and Anna).

Western Soil is about exodus, travel, uprooting—five songs, ranging from personal to universal, that track the east-to-west black-gold rush. Western Soil is also a musical exploration, weaving from western guitar to the nostalgia of the Wurlitzer's whine and to unshakeable First-Nations rhythms, from tight harmonies to flights of musical fancy.

Robin-Joël Cool  –  guitar & vocals

Viviane Audet  –  Wurlitzer, piano et banjo uke & vocals

Pablo Seib  –  double bass & electric bass

Jo Fournier  –  electric guitar & slide guitar

Yannick Parent  –  drums & vietnamese toms

« La voix chargée d'émotions, la performance de Robin-Joël nous maintient inébranlable, haut perché sur un récif abrupte, mais toujours en train de tanguer vers le vide. »

— Edith Malo, Boucle Magazine

« Mentana charme le public à Moncton! »

— Sylvie Mousseau, L'Acadie Nouvelle

Mentana  |  Western Soil  |  Les Sessions #LaFab

Réalisation et caméra : Jérémie Battaglia  |  Montage : David Jean

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[May 2, 2014, Montreal]

LABEL: Angelica Bye Bye

PRODUCED BY: Mentana & Erik West-Millette


Sonia Cesaratto  •  •  514-206-4886

Emmanuelle Girard  •  •  514-347-4020

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CD launches

August 31, 2014

Festival de musique émergente


Salle La Légion    5 @ 7

20 Mgr Tessier Street

September 3, 2014


Bleury – Bar à Vinyle    5 @ 7

2109 de Bleury Street


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