New album

Inland Desire

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Vinyl available
August 15, 2016

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What's up?


at the jazz festival

Mentana will be opening for Brandi Carlile at le Théâtre Maisonneuve on the 8th of July.

New album

Inland Desire



The band debut album "Inland Desire" is available in stores (in Canada only) and on iTunes and Bandcamp since March 11, 2016. For physical copy outside of Canada, we are still looking for a distributor in Europe and in the States, but for now, you may order from our Bandcamp.

Massive thanks to Toni Hamel for letting us use her work "The Specimen" for the cover of our album! The specimen is part of the collection "The land of Id".

First single

No Return

Up coming shows


April 29, 2016

Maison de la culture de Waterloo, 8pm


Mentana signs with Ste-4 Musique

We are happy to announce our new partnership with Ste-4 Musique. This is an important step for the band, and will lead to our first full-length album in spring 2016! We'll keep you posted for the official release date.



After the Jazz: Gaspesia

After two amazing nights at the Jazz Fest (RREVERB and CBC), we are heading in Gaspesia to perform at le Naufrageur in Carleton on July 17 at 9h30 pm and at Cime Aventures in Bonaventure July 19 at 8 pm.


Mentana in a German Documentary about Canada

During the Montreal Jazz Festival, me made the most exceptional and unexpected meeting with film director Johannes Hano and his team who followed us around during two days for the shooting of a documentary about Canada that will be on the air of ZDF German Television next December.


Two nights at the Montreal Jazz Festival

In concert on July 2 and July 3, at Savoy du Métropolis, 7 PM (59, Sainte-Catherine East St.)


Gurov & Anna : Two new singles for Mentana on the original motion picture soundtrack

After a successful collaboration on the 2012 Camion, the acclaimed Québécois film director Rafaël Ouellet has once again asked Viviane Audet and Robin-Joël Cool, the front couple of Montreal folk band Mentana, to compose the score for his latest movie Gurov & Anna. The soundtrack, which will be released on March 9, features two original Mentana tracks composed for the movie. The Gurov & Anna soundtrack can be pre-ordered on iTunes for $7.99 giving you access to the theme song "Devil on the Corner". The movie features Andreas Apergis and Sophie Desmarais, and will be released on March 20, 2015.


Opening for Whitehorse

In concert on February 21, at the Montréal en lumière : Maison du festival Rio Tinto Alcan – L'Astral, 8 PM (305, Sainte-Catherine West Street – métro Place des arts).

[February 21, 2015]


Western Soil EP now available on iTunes

The EP is also available in store:

Montreal [QC]
L'Oblique [4333, Rivard Street Street]
Archambault [500, Ste-Catherine Street]

Chambly [QC]
Musique-EMF [917, Périgny Blvd.]

Moncton [NB]
Librairie La Grande Ourse [577, Main Street Street]

Caraquet [NB]
Librairie Pélagie [171, Saint-Pierre Ouest Blvd.]

Shippagan [NB]
Librairie Pélagie [221, JD Gauthier Blvd., Shippagan]

Bathurst [NB]
Librairie Pélagie [14, Douglas Ave]

[September 15, 2014]


Two Launches for the first EP Western Soil

Mentana presents its first album! The Montreal band launch its EP Western Soil at the fabled Emerging Music Festival in Abitibi-Témiscamingue on August 31 and at the Bleury – Bar à Vinyle.

[September 3, 2014]


New video

Live performance for "La Fabrique culturelle"

[May 2, 2014]


New EP Coming Up

The EP is finally ready and is now being printed as we write these lines. Release date: September 3, 2014.

[April 12, 2014]


The Jutra for Best Original Music for the movie Camion

On March 17, Mentana members Robin-Joel Cool and Viviane Audet in collaboration with Erik West-Millette have won the Jutra for Best Original Music for the movie Camion. The ceremony was broadcasted on the air of Radio-Canada. The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, which includes songs from Mentana, Richmond Fontaine and Will Driving West, is available on iTunes.

[March 17, 2013]


Night Session in Montreal

"Shutdown" has just came out of the mixing room. Forced to continually postpone the recording sessions due to availability and cost of the studios in town, we finally got a hand on the very soulful Lobster Tank Studio in Montreal. A slight detail turned this whole thing a lot more interesting when we realized that the building across the street was being demolished on the day of our recording making it impossible to record in the day-time. (oh yeah!) The amazing Olaf Guntel was our sound engineer for the "night". We set up the gear to do the entire thing live off the floor. I don't know where they got their piano but it was the best folk piano we've heard in a while! Ringing, squeaking, slightly off tune, just perfect for folk spirit! Shutdown will be available on our next EP in the fall of 2014.

[March 15, 2013]


Idle No More

This Wednesday (January 9), in support of the movement Idle No More, Mentana will be performing at the Wabano Center in Ottawa with Mi'kmag Elder Robert Seven-Crows. Mentana will be performing for the first time their new song You Don't Know Me. The song lyrics were originally written by Innu poet Josephine Bacon and translated and adapted by Robin-Joel Cool and Katia Grubisic.

[January 7, 2013]


iTunes promotions/ Breakthrough Artists

iTunes has chosen Mentana for their promotion Breakthrough Artists of the week and offers the song Islands and Rupees from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Camion for 69 cents. 
 The soundtrack includes songs from Richmond Fontaine, Will Driving West and Lucas Paris.

[November 13, 2013]


Mentana hits the big screen

Two songs by MENTANA, Islands and Rupees and Gamblin' Man, have been selected to be part of the new movie Camion by director Rafaël Ouellet. Two members of Mentana, Robin-Joel Cool and Viviane Audet in collaboration with Erik West-Millette have composed the original score. The movie has just won the Best Director Award at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival, near Prague. Theatrical release date in Canada: August 2012.

[July 7, 2012]